Blockchain is a hot topic right now, especially the fact that it provides better security than other systems. Beyond this virtue, the impact of this technology is being felt in the various areas like finance, trade, logistics, education, healthcare and more.

Blockchain is the technology of the moment (and of the future). It is a system based on chains of data blocks that, once published, cannot be modified. For the field of city management, the transformative potential of this technology is enormous. To unleash this potential, public agents such as mayors and administrative teams must discover how the capabilities of blockchain systems can assist them in their management duties. In parallel, other professionals involved in city governance—architects, jurists, economists, geographers, and executives of municipal corporations—must also further their understanding of this technology. The ultimate goal is for these various stakeholders to deliver the local benefits of the blockchain ecosystem to society at large.

Although it was initially created as a digital platform for cryptocurrencies and financial transactions, blockchain also has potential applications in other spheres, including city management. The smart-city era opens up a wide range of possibilities for blockchain development.


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