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Saturday, June 25, 2022

‘Crypto Tattoos’ Jumped 222% in The Last 12 Months

ethereum (ETH) had the least amount of tattoo-related queries

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A report published by Crypto Head, indicates that people have been more interested in getting a crypto tattoo than last year. Crypto Head’s study revealed that interest in crypto tattoos has risen 222% during the last 12 months, 1,900 queries involved the search term “crypto tattoo”, after analyzing Google search volume and Instagram hashtag data.

“Bitcoin tattoo,” on the other hand, saw 1,600 search queries over the last 12 months and “dogecoin tattoo” had 700 searches.

Report show that bitcoin (BTC) tattoo-related themes reign on Instagram with 986 posts with the hashtag “#bitcointattoo”. Roughly 956 Instagram posts had the hashtag “#cryptotattoo” in the post and only 11 posts contained the hashtag “#dogecointattoo.” Meanwhile, ethereum (ETH) had the least amount of tattoo-related queries, the hashtag “#ethereumtattoo” was recorded on Instagram with only six posts in total.

In addition to the research published by Crypto Head, other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, show a number of posts with the hashtag “#cryptotattoo” and #bitcointattoo.


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