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Friday, June 9, 2023

Mysterious Ethereum Whale Bought 271 Billion SHIB Tokens

The whale portfolio mainly comprises stable coins such as USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT)

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An Ethereum whale has purchased over 271 billion Shiba Inu tokens amid an ongoing accumulation of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency. The whale purchased its tokens for little over $6 million.

According to WhaleStats, whale stats tracker, which keeps tracks of the 1,000 largest whales on the Ethereum network, the 207th largest whale on it bought in one massive transaction and accumulated 271.37 Billion Shiba Inu tokens worth $6.54 million

The mysterious whale portfolio mainly comprises stable coins such as USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT), indicating that the whale may further continue accumulating different coins.

This week was one of the biggest in whales accumulation. On 4th biggest well-known Ethereum whale, popularly known as “Tsunade” was reported that the whale accumulated 51.44B SHIB tokens in one significant transaction, on 21st March, the 51.44 Billion shib is now worth $1.18 million.

168th biggest Ethereum whale purchased of more than 200 Billion Shiba Inu tokens, worth nearly $5 million in a single transaction, on 24th of March.

Ethereum whales love to accumulate SHIB token, the second most popular meme token after Dogecoin. The Shiba Inu is undergoing many developments right now – especially it is experiencing an aggressive real-world use case with the help of new partnerships building up almost daily.

Also the community already burned 50% of the total supply coin and the token’s burn rate jumped over 6,700% recently.


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