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Thursday, April 18, 2024

SHIB Burn Rate Surge 15,071%, 287 Million Tokens Burned In 24 Hours

Burn has taken place by Binance Exchange wallets labeled “Binance 15”.

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According to Shibburn, a SHIB burn tracker reported that 287.32 million SHIB tokens were send to a unknown address or dead address in the last 24 hours through 12 transactions and has been locked and completely removed from the circulation.

According to statistics, the network’s burn rate has increased by whopping 15,071% over the last day when only 1.8M SHIB tokens had been sent to dead wallets through 2 separate transactions.

Shib Burn
Source : Shibburn

ETH SHIBA, a token organized the Weekly BURN EVENT on April 22nd 2022, Friday, where the team has burned 200.26 million SHIB tokens through one significant transaction and in total taken out over 2.2 billion SHIB from circulation forever.

As per etherscan.io data, the burn has taken place by interacting with one of the Binance Exchange wallets labeled “Binance 15”.


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