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Ethereum Whale “Bombur” Bought 54 Billion SHIB, Now Holds 803 Billion

The whale ranks 20th in terms of biggest Ethereum Whale

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According to the WhaleStats, an Ethereum whale named as “Bombur” has just purchased 54 Billion SHIB for $1.32M through one single transaction.

This is the 2nd Buy transaction in the last 48 hours for the whale, and the 6th Buy transaction since April 13, 2022. The whale ranks 20th in terms of biggest Ethereum Whale.

On April 21, 2022, The Ethereum whale accumulated 50.99 Billion SHIB, worth $1.26M in a single transaction.

The 20th biggest Ethereum whale “Bombur” has acquired a total of 372.95 Billion SHIB tokens, worth $9.16M through 6 separate transactions since April 13, 2022, and in the last 48 hours  whale has acquired 105.03 Billion SHIB tokens, worth $2.59M through two separate transactions.

Moreover, looking deep into the whales’ wallets, Shiba Inu appears to be her 22nd biggest holding. The now holds  802.85B SHIB tokens, worth $19.75M, as per data provided by Etherscan.io.

Ethereum Whale

As per WhaleStats, SHIB appears to be the biggest held position for the top 5000 ETH whales, holding $1.46 Billion worth of SHIB tokens in their wallets.


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