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India’s First Couple to Hold ‘Blockchain Wedding’, Exchange NFT Vows, Officiated by ‘Digital Priest’

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are buzz words these days, In fact, the craze has been such that people across the globe have been hosting virtual...

Beware! A new malware “Mars Stealer” can steal your crypto

According to 3xp0rt, security researcher, Mars Stealer is an advanced upgrade of the 2019 Oski Trojan and a powerful malware that attacks 40+ browser-based crypto...

Elon Musk Reveals Why He’s Pro Dogecoin Amid Debate Over Web3, Ether, Decentralization

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has explained why he’s pro dogecoin as the debate over web3, Ethereum, and decentralization intensifies. Yesterday, Musk...

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