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Mysterious Whale Bought 685 Billion SHIB Tokens, Now Holds 7.23 Trillion SHIB

SHIB flip FTX Token to become the biggest holding position among the top 100 ETH whales

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A mysterious whale purchased 685 billion Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens, currently worth $14.2 million through six transactions in less than 48 hours. During the transaction, the whale interacted with 3 different crypto wallet addresses, including the fifth-biggest Ethereum wallet “BlueWhale0073.” The other two wallet addresses are from Binance.

The whale purchased 685 SHIB tokens in two parts, first purchased 312.50 billion SHIB, through four different transactions while interacting with two of the Binance wallets described as “Binance 14” and “Binance 15”.

And in the second part, the remaining 372.48 billion SHIB, was transferred to the whale by BlueWhale0073 in two significant transactions. BlueWhale0073 started transferring SHIB to the Mysterious Wallet after Robinhood Listing.

Recently, WhaleStats revealed that “BlueWhale0073” accumulated 70.60 billion SHIB, worth over $1.44 million through her second significant transaction, within less than 48 hours.

Earlier the same whale “BlueWhale0073”, has added 301 billion SHIB tokens, worth $6.14 million in the portfolio through one transaction.

“BlueWhale0073” has transferred 372.48 billion SHIB, worth $7.71 million out of total 372.59 billion SHIB, to the mysterious wallet address through two separate transactions. Now “BlueWhale0073” holds only 244.15 million SHIB tokens, worth $5,078 or 1.7 ETH.

The mysterious whale now holds a total of 7.23 trillion SHIB tokens, worth $150.38 million in her wallet. These massive accumulation helped Shiba Inu (SHIB) Token to flip FTX Token (FTT) to become the biggest holding position by dollar value among the top 100 ETH whales.


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