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45,596 Bitcoin Worth $1.7 Billion Moved in Just Two Minutes

nearly $2 billion worth of Bitcoin transactions were done in just few minutes.

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According to Bitcoin Block Bot that tracks the large Bitcoin transactions posted on twitter that nearly $2 billion worth of Bitcoin transactions were done in just few minutes.

About 45,596 Bitcoin worth nearly $1.7 billion transactions were carried slightly over 2,000; 5,000 and 6,000 BTC. However, two of them stand out as they shifted 15,032 and 10,156 BTC, worth $560 million and $378 million, respectively.

Although the inclusion of transactions in one block and the similar size of the commission cannot directly indicate that the same user was their sender, these transactions are certainly connected in some way, Sergey Mendeleev, CEO of Indefibank, said in a comment to ForkLog.

The expert made this conclusion based on the fact that similar patterns were used on the way of bitcoins to these wallets.

He noted that most likely the transfers were carried out automatically using a script:

Here , rather, you should ask the FTX exchange, which is the source of these transactions.

In general, there is nothing surprising in getting a series of large transactions into one block.

If at about the same time one hundred transactions with the same and high commission are carried out, they will also enter the next block in a row – this is how the bitcoin network functions, Mendeleev added.

Recall that, according to Glassnode analysts, bitcoin transactions worth $1 million or more make up 65% of the value transferred on-chain.


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