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Apple Co-Founder Says Bitcoin is “Pure Gold Mathematics”

Bitcoin is the “only cryptocurrency that’s pure-gold mathematics,”

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Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of trillion dollar company Apple, said During a recent interview with Business Insider that Bitcoin is the “only cryptocurrency that’s pure-gold mathematics,” praising the underlying technology and calculations that underpin the best-known cryptocurrency.

“There’s so many cryptocurrencies that come out now; everybody has a way to create a new one, and you have a celebrity star with it,” Wozniak told Business Insider. “It seems like they’re just collecting a bunch of money from people who want to invest at the very earliest stage, when it’s worth pennies.”

Wozniak has always been a proponent of cutting-edge technology, last year Wozniak praised the technical merits of Bitcoin during a tech conference, describing it as “the most amazing mathematical miracle” in an interview with Mexican outlet ​​El Sol de Mexico, and the fact that it “can’t be modified easily with humans in control of it,” unlike the U.S. dollar.

“Bitcoin isn’t run by some company, It’s just mathematically pure. And I believe nature over humans always.”

According to Steve, a NFT (Non Fungible Token) is ‘flaky on its own’ and could ‘worth zero.’ He is put off by the sheer number of cryptos out there and how some celebrate ‘celebrity’ status, until it ‘folds’. In a yahoo finance interview earlier, Wozniak had remarked that Bitcoin is gold! Bitcoin is mathematics and mathematically pure! Purely ‘cuz it isn’t run by any company. And, he adds, There can never be another Bitcoin. Again.

Wozniak had less glowing words for NFTs and the wider cryptocurrency space, Wozniak is discussing an event colloquially referred to as a “rug pull.” Driving immense value from hype, developers of some cryptocurrency platforms or derivatives pump the price and “then they just fold,” Wozniak stated in the interview.


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